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Generally speaking – pensions are not considered part of your estate and are not subject to Inheritance Tax. However, there are ways that a pension pot can become part of your estate. Furthermore, there are things that can be done to ensure your partner and family benefits from your pension. To ensure your partner, or...


The number of Wills that are challenged, based on fraud or forgery is increasing – although not great in number. However, this trend does underline the need to ensure that Wills are both up to date and that an individual’s wishes, relating to the Will, are made known to close family and friends. However, should...


Should a loved one die abroad, the fact that they are overseas can add to your stress, compounding the tragedy. However, provided you know what is required, the process of dealing with the situation can be relatively straight forward. Furthermore, there will be help at hand, from a variety of avenues, to help with the...


Making clear those whom you do not wish to benefit from your estate can be as important as detailing the beneficiaries; particularly when it comes to family members – those most likely to contest a Will. Any Will can be contested and quite often this is by a disgruntled or an estranged, family member. When...


Whilst UK house prices are prone to short term fluctuations, when viewed as a long-term investment, property prices will almost certainly continue increase. This combined with today’s high market values means that, in most cases, a person’s home almost certainly, forms a major part of their estate. Given all this, a Will should be revaluated...


Presently, there are over 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK with it affecting more people than heart disease. In recognition of ‘World Alzheimer’s Month’ during September, and Alzheimer’s accounting for 60% of dementia cases; this blog outlines the things that need to be considered for those newly diagnosed. Whilst we understand it’s incredibly...

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