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They say that selling a property is one of the most stressful things you can do. It therefore goes without saying that when you are required to sell a property following a death, the bereavement, additional paperwork and official protocol makes the whole process all the more stressful for you, and your family. So, what’s...


Her Majesty the Queen celebrated her 96th Birthday this year (2022) and it’s interesting to consider that in 1926, the year of her birth, the average life expectancy for a women was just 62. Time has certainly moved on and so too has life expectancy. The International Longevity Centre estimates that 0.15% of the UK...


Probate is the legal term given to the administrative process that is followed after someone has died. It ends with the ‘Probate Registry’ issuing a ‘Grant of Probate’ OR, in the absence of a Will, a ‘Grant of Letters of Administration.’ The ‘Grant of Probate’ will usually be issued in around 4 and 8 weeks...


In times gone by, considering an equity release loan had somewhat ‘dubious connotations.’ This is because it often entailed selling your property to a loan provider with often ‘questionable’ results, leading such action to be viewed as an act of financial desperation. However, times have changed. Escalating property values has seen a huge surge in...

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Is Equity Release Funded Retirement The Way to Go?

Is Equity Release Funded Retirement The Way to Go?