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Up until July 2019 and the implementation of ‘Claudia’s Law’, families of missing persons had no legal authority to deal with the property and financial affairs of a missing family member. Previously, a missing person had to be declared dead under the ‘Presumption of Death Act 2013;’ this could only be applied after a person...


When you die there is a process consisting of various stages, that needs to take place. Whilst it might seem a little macabre to consider this, it’s worth you and your loved ones understanding the process so that should the worst happen, they know what’s involved and have an understanding of what’s required of them....


Long before the Covid 19 pandemic, probate registry offices were experiencing long delays. Coronavirus has merely exacerbated these delays with short – staffed departments coming under increasing pressure leading to mistakes and yet further delays. This in turn is slowing down the move to digital where applications can be made online. These delays have but...


Whilst any Will can be contested for up to six months following death, having a specialist third party Will writing specialist to help formulate and produce your Will can greatly limit the possibility of a contentious probate, and family feud situation which can be a drawn out affair with high legal costs. An independent Will...

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Prevent Your Will Being Contested, Stop Family Disputes and Protect Your Partner

Prevent Your Will Being Contested, Stop Family Disputes and Protect Your Partner