Will WritingEffective Life Insurance, Clarity of Your Wishes and an Up to Date Will is Key to Preventing Probate Delays

30th November 2020

Long before the Covid 19 pandemic, probate registry offices were experiencing long delays. Coronavirus has merely exacerbated these delays with short – staffed departments coming under increasing pressure leading to mistakes and yet further delays. This in turn is slowing down the move to digital where applications can be made online.

These delays have but a strain on Will Executers, who often come under immense pressure from the deceased’s family to receive funds in order to pay the deceased’s mortgage, loans and other financial commitments – whilst the probate process is going on. Whilst Executers have been known to obtain funds from the deceased’s bank, in order to help family, it is so at their risk since Executers are personally liable for such decisions.

Having a Life Insurance policy that has the facility to pay out a large lump sum, upon death, can be of a huge assistance to families who otherwise have to dig deep into their own finances whilst probate runs its due course.

We live in times of extended families and the greater the extended family size, the greater the potential to fall out – particularly when it comes to Wills and the sharing / division of estates amongst family and friends. This highlights the need to not only discuss complex family issues and to make clear one’s intensions, but also, to make sure you have an up to date Will.

Wills need to be reviewed every 5 years (or sooner if you or a close family member and beneficiary, experiences a life changing event such as divorce, death, fall-out). Absolute clarity and detail are the vital ingredients to an effective Will and minimising the potential to both disputes and probate delays.

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