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If you have a partner or children who depend on your income to cover the mortgage or other living expenses, then you need insurance. The type of policy required will depend on the risks involved, your financial obligations and your age / health.

A simple life insurance policy could enable you to leave behind a lump sum for your family when you die. This could support them for a number of years, replace lost income, or pay off a large debt such as a mortgage. In addition to basic life insurance many families also have cover designed to bridge the gap financially in the event of a serious or critical illness, this is more complex and many different options are available.

Whatever your needs, our expert team are able to research the best policies from a huge number of providers and make a detailed recommendation, tailored to your individual circumstances.

Types of Cover


Wills can go missing or become damaged over the years. By using our storage service, you will have the peace of mind that your Will is stored in a secure, waterproof and fireproof storage facility. Also, all documents are full insured against any loss for up to £2,500,000.


Clients’ circumstances can change over the years. They may get married, divorced, move house, have children or grandchildren. When you have your Will stored with us, you will benefit from free updates. So whenever your situation changes, you only have to come back to us so that we can discuss your new circumstances, and update your Will as necessary. We will also contact you every 4 years to review your documents.


We will register your Will on the National Will Register free of charge (usually £30 per Will). This is something that should be done every time somebody makes a Will, as it will ensure that the document can always be found.


We will provide you with storage certificates for both yourself and your executors. This will confirm that we have got the original Will, and will also detail how you or your executors can access it when required.


We will provide you with a copy of your Will to keep at home for your own personal records. This would allow you to refer back to the contents of your Will; especially if you are considering making changes to it.


We will allow you to store additional, important documents alongside your Will. So if you have your Property Deeds, Lasting Powers of Attorney or Life Insurance documents at home, we will allow you to store these at no additional cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you store the Wills?

We have a state of the art document storage facility. It is fireproof, floor-proof and tamper-proof. All documents are also insured against all risks.

Is it a fixed storage fee?

The fee charged is fixed for a period of 5 years. After this time, it may be adjusted in line with the consumer price index published by H.M. Government (or any appropriate substitute index).

How many times can I update my Will?

We allow you to update your Will up to four times per year. This provides clients with the flexibility to change their Wills as when their circumstances change, without incurring any additional fees.

How much would it cost to update my Will without storage?

We charge a fixed fee of £99 per Will for amendments without storage.

How would my executors access my Will?

The executors would normally contact us to advise that their loved one has passed away. We would confirm that the person calling has been appointed as an executor of the deceased person’s Will. We will then ask them to provide us with a copy of the death certificate and their personal ID.

Once we have this information, we send a request to the storage facility to retrieve the documents and forward them to the executor(s).

How long can I store my documents with you?

Storage is fully flexible. The majority of our clients keep their documents with us for the duration of their lifetime, but we’ll be happy to store them for as long as you would like us to.

Storage of a single will, including unlimited updates & registration. Payable annually.
Storage of two mirror wills, including unlimited updates & registration. Payable annually.

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